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           A new and innovative way to provide course content at affordable prices            


Inclusive Access (IA) is a digital distribution program that provides access to course content via Brightspace / D2L.  All students in an IA class automatically have access to the required

course content on the first day of class - this material is free and accessible during an opt out period (ten days for most classes).  At the conclusion of the opt out period, a charge for the

IA material is made directly to the student's Banner account.  Any student that does not want the IA material can opt out at any time during the opt out period.


The main advantage of providing material in this manner is cost savings.  Edinboro students saved $119,000 during the Spring 2022 term by having course materials delivered through

the IA program (compared to the market price of the identical digital course material).  Faculty like the fact that every student has access on the first day of class and they can

immediately start teaching by utilizing the required course material.


We started our Inclusive Access Program as a pilot program in the Fall of 2018; at that time, we distributed 190 units at a total cost of $15,191.  By Spring 2022, the program had grown

to the point that 6,081 digital units were provided at a total cost of $318,490.  The Inclusive Access material model has proven to be economical, efficient, and effective.






There are two different types of Inclusive Access products: ebooks and courseware.  Ebooks are simply electronic versions of physical textbooks (written words, pictures and diagrams). 

Courseware is a more complex form of electronic course material that involves registering on, or linking to, a publisher website to gain access to a plethora of interactive content & tools. 

Some examples of interactive tools: communication hubs to facilitate class discussions, mechanisms that allow students to submit assignments electronically, access to course related

videos, access to online tests/quizzes, and access to study plans.  Regardless of which type of Inclusive Access product is used for a class, access is gained by simply clicking on a link

provided on the course D2L page.



                                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            


How does a student know that they are enrolled in an IA class?  Students that are enrolled in an IA class will receive multiple emails about the program, see information about IA on

the course D2L page, and will get IA information directly from the course instructor on the first day of class.  Information about Inclusive Access should also be included in the course



Do students really like the IA program?  According to a survey conducted by the bookstore in the spring of 2022: 80% of respondents believed that Inclusive Access offers value to 

students, and only 8% stated that IA did not help them pass their course.  Full survey results can be accessed at the bottom of this page. Some of the positive comments received

from the survey: 


                                                         "I liked that I can have all my books on my IPad and take them everywhere without taking up room in my bookbag."

                                                              "I liked how books were able to be accessed within the first few days of class and I feel like I saved money."

        "I enjoyed how easy it was to access. I have trouble focusing when I read, so I often used the read aloud option and it helps me to focus and retain information much better."

                                                                                             "I loved the fact that it was affordable, accessible, and user friendly."

       "It is a lot cheaper than purchasing a physical book and allows you to search for specific things if you need to find one topic, which is a feature a physical book does not have."

                                                                 "It was nice to not have to worry about forgetting my materials at home, because they were on my laptop."


Most of the negative responses about IA that we gathered from the survey related to "preferring a physical textbook".  We certainly understand that some students prefer physical books

which is why the program does have an opt out feature.  We are also working on an easier way for students that opt out to obtain a physical copy if they so choose.
























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